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Angelic Indulgence (AI) is your daily guide to squeezing the most pleasure out of life in healthy ways. Let us take you under our wings to create a lifestyle of intelligent decadence! AI offers holistic highlights on the most beneficial wellness indulgences as Editor, Angela Braden, leads a team of natural health journalists to harness the knowledge of world-renowned physician experts. Enter a department below and discover the keys to having it both ways:* healthy and indulgent*.

AI Departments

AI Mind And Body

The Angelic Indulgence approach utilizes the mind/body connection that science is increasingly validating; we interpret conflicting health reports and advice while promoting intelligent and responsible living. And we do it all with the intention of ravishing the senses.

AI Natural Remedies/Nutrition

Nature is full of healing and enhancing elixers, botanicals, and foods. We work with the most knowledgable and unbiased sources to understand the scientific research on those yummies that enrich and lengthen our lives.\ Then we report our discoveries in simple fashion. Whether it's anti-biotic, anti-inflamatory, energy-promoting, or aphrodisiac, let AI be your guide to what's helpful, what's hype, and what's tasty.

AI Spa Therapies

Need a reason to indulge in luxurious spa services? You’re in luck, because AI reports on spa therapies that are based on valid, health-promoting principles. Many therapies actually, literally, and bio-chemically enhance health by boosting the immune system, cleansing the lymphatic system, and enhancing the circulatory, musculo-skeletal and endocrine (hormone) systems. Not to mention the health benefits of pleasure itself. A heavenly massage? – stimulates vital organs and improved circulation. A fennel seed wrap? –cleanses and detoxifies. Plus, you’ll never miss a spa trend with AI. So long as it’s indulgent and promotes wellness, we’ve got you covered.

AI Healthy Desserts

Does your sweet tooth make you feel like a slave but you still want the body of a goddess? You can have it both ways! With a little savvy about which ingredients to use or look for on labels, you can indulge in delicious and healthy desserts.

AI Kids

Our smaller ones suffer the most from poor health habits, but can benefit and thrive the most, too. Why struggle trying to force the unappealing down kids throats? AI will show you how to indulge kids in healthy ways. AI kids develop into balanced, healthy, and happy adults that live life to its fullest.

Current Indulgence

Want to shed some pounds, without dieting?

Think the big three: fiber, protein & water. Instead of obsessing about what you shouldn’t have, focus on what you can have and what you like within that realm. When hunger signals, seek out fiber-rich and high protein snacks that you enjoy.

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