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On TBS Movie and Makeover, AI Editor, Angela Braden, discusses using essential oils to beat stress and prevent depression. Peak inside a decadent life.

Angela Braden on TBS Movie and a Makeover

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Mind And Body

The experiences of pleasure, relaxation, and joy translate into stronger immunity, better digestion, improved cardiovascular health, and so much more. Scientists now know that neuropeptides, neurotransmitters, and hormones (affected by emotions) have an amazingly intricate communications system between mind and body. Here, A.I. explores how to use that mind/body phenomenon with purpose and pleasure.

  • Ahh, the beloved endorphin—for years, studies have shown that physical activity triggers the release of these feel-good hormones, but recently, scientists have been focusing their attention on creative activity as well. Turns out, the coveted endorphin rush that comes from physical activity , can also be attained by picking up a guitar and strumming out your favorite song. Art Therapy, as it has been labeled by the medical world, has even been proven to reduce stress levels, shorten recovery times and reduce the use of pain medication—just imagine what it can do for mid-week burnout.

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  • If you’re seeing more green these days and wondering how you can help to minimize your own carbon footprint, you are in for an unexpected treat. The indulgent rewards of going green are physical, mental and, individual. Studies have found that people who see the larger picture in life and engage in group involvement to improve that picture actually boost their own wellbeing and longevity in the process. Going green isn’t only about the greater good. As environmental concerns shift from mere political rhetoric to very impassioned movements, the magical fringe benefit of doing good is icing on the cake of a green lifestyle.

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  • You feel a swirling in the pit of your stomach when a brilliant idea hits you; You come down with a nasty flu after your pet dies; Your body buzzes with good news; Your heart literally hurts when you miss someone. It’s undeniable –the mind/body connection is real. How can we optimize and utilize this connection between what we feel and our physical well-being? Awareness of its power is the first step to harnessing the mind/body dynamic for a healthier and happier life.

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