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AI ‘Star Ingredients’ for Desserts

In order to pack in delicious nutrients and to increase the all-important protein/carb ratio of decadent desserts, you’ll want to get to know these whole, pure food ingredients. Some will be more familiar than others, but they are all the crème de la crème of purposeful culinary indulgence (available at natural foods stores and most grocery stores). Why seek out these start ingredients?
h3. Because they deliver nutrients instead of empty calories, without sacrificing taste; they will leave you satisfied instead of ravenous after you indulge; they give you a healthy buz, without the sugar crash and burn.

So go ahead, indulge angelically!

Vegetable Glycerine

All natural, low-glycemic sweetener adds moisture to protein-rich dessert recipes


Tastes and bakes like sugar but with 1/3 the calories and negligible carbs. Also famous for promoting healthy teeth. Available at natural foods stores or order on line at


This Amazing herb is a calorie-free sweetener, which I’ve found can replace up to 50% of the sugar in most recipes.

Agave Nectar

Low-glycemic, low-calorie, nutrient dense sweetener. That means you won’t feel ravenous after indulging! Depending on the desired flavor, I also use noble & nutritious molasses, maple syrup, Turbinado sugar and honey, in moderation.

Macadamia Nut Oil & Coconut Oil

These don’t oxidize under the high heat of baking like other oils. Oxidized oil is believed to be a dangerous carcinogen (like trans-fats). Macadamia nut oil also reduces inflammation -key to an anti-aging diet.

Pure Organic Butter

Nothing beats the indulgence of creamy, rich butter. It makes every dessert decadent. Don’t compromise on quality with butter, lest you poison your body with synthetic antibiotics, hormones and pesticides – organic is a must and from grass-fed, pastured cows is best. Smart Balance and Earth Balance are also good. I often use these for frostings and fillings, since they are semi-solid.

Xanthan Gum

When minimizing sugar and increasing protein, volume is lost. This natural fiber, boost that volume and also thickens without adding fat!

Protein Isolate

Using protein isolate in cake, brownie and cookie recipes creates desserts that keep blood sugar stable, instead of causeing an insulin spike, like commercial desserts, heavy on refined carbs do. Even though AI desserts use low glycemic sweeteners for up to 50% of the sugar (and only use nutritious, natural sugars), sneaking in this additional protein creates a more balanced treat that is:

  • Diabetic friendly
  • South Beach Diet, low GI, and Zone Diet compatible
  • Consistent with a good mood & sustained engergy
  • Anti-aging-diet compatible (provided that you’re also eating a lot of raw food) because it minimizes glycation (which causes aging).

Increasing the protein to carb ratio is paramount to slow aging process and curbing the appetite. The most important underlying principle across the board according to the latest nutritional science.

Whole wheat pastry flour & Whole Spelt Flour

Using whole grains keep vital antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fiber, and protein in the dessert and has a full, rich, nutty flavor.

You can have your cake and eat it too!

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